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The World Players of Handball airs handball matches on ESPN3 & WatchESPN App. We want you to visit the main website's video page to learn more about the game and join in on the excitement of the professional handball tour--The WPH Race4Eight Six!!

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Junior Development

Developing JR Handball Players is our thing. We have a full-time junior coach & instructor on staff and have written a multi-page manual to help get your student, class or start-up off the ground. Please contact us for details or click below--Info@wphlive.tv!

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Our Coaches

Our list of coaches and donors, like you, make this all work out! Please give, donate, support and serve in hopes of bringing the next generation of young athlete to a handball park or club near you. - Before you leave, see what our coaches are up to right now!

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Thank you for the Support

As December 31 fast approaches and you consider making your end-of-year contributions, we ask you to support the WPH and the growth of the sport, so we can continue to: Host hundreds of junior handball clinics each year Broadcast live events on ESPN3 each year Continue to promote the R48 pros to inspire the next […]

JR WPH @ Pima College

Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 12/10/18- JR WPH proudly hosted a beginner handball clinic at Pima College’s 3-Wall courts on the west side of Tucson. Pima College sophomores gathered on a perfect December afternoon to learn the rules of the game, handball fundamentals, and techniques to play the game. After the afternoon of drills, games, and […]

JR WPH Goes to Tempe

Tempe, AZ, WPH Press, 12/8/18- JR WPH traveled 100 miles west from the WPH headquarters in Tucson to Arizona State University in Tempe to host collegiate and high school handball clinics and a special Q&A session at ASU’s 2018 Homework & Handball event at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex. JR WPH Clinics JR WPH coached multiple […]

JR WPH at #TucsonMemorial

Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 11/4/18- JR WPH proudly hosted a JR WPH Clinic and junior singles brackets at the 2018 Tucson Memorial, providing opportunities for the youngsters to learn from the game’s best and to showcase their talents at one of the sport’s premiere events. JR WPH Clinic WR48 superstars Catriona Casey and Ciana Ni […]

JR WPH UWF “I Love Handball”

Pensacola, FL, WPH Press, 10/25/18- The University of West Florida proudly hosted the JR WPH UWF “I Love Handball” Fundraiser Classic at the HLS Facility on the campus of the University of Florida on the third weekend in October, featuring collegiate players from the University of West Florida and the University of Texas. JR WPH has […]

JR WPH at U of A Campus

JR WPH Clinics at the U of A Fall Break Camp Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 10/10/18- JR WPH coaches were thrilled to coach junior handball clinics for youngsters between the ages of 7-12 at the University of Arizona Fall Break Camp at the campus Rec Center.  JR WPH Coaches tailored the lessons to each group, focusing on hand-eye […]

Atlanta JR WPH Clinic

Atlanta, GA, WPH Press, 10/8/18- The Missouri State Handball team made the 14-hour drive from Springfield, Missouri, to Atlanta, Georgia, packing ten players into two cars to attend the Race4Eight 8’s first stop of the year at the R48 8 Ron Cook Peachtree Open. Within minutes of arriving at the event, the MOState handball team was […]

JR WPH Instructional

WPH Press, Tucson AZ – Take your handball game to the next level with the five – part JR WPH Instructional Series aimed at teaching the proper techniques and fundamentals to executing the game’s most important shots. The five-part JR WPH Instructional Series will guide you in self-play drills to quickly take your game to the next level, […]