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The World Players of Handball airs handball matches on ESPN3 & WatchESPN App. We want you to visit the main website's video page to learn more about the game and join in on the excitement of the professional handball tour--The WPH Race4Eight Six!!

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Junior Development

Developing JR Handball Players is our thing. We have a full-time junior coach & instructor on staff and have written a multi-page manual to help get your student, class or start-up off the ground. Please contact us for details or click below--Info@wphlive.tv!

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Our Coaches

Our list of coaches and donors, like you, make this all work out! Please give, donate, support and serve in hopes of bringing the next generation of young athlete to a handball park or club near you. - Before you leave, see what our coaches are up to right now!

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JR Handball Flourishing in PHX

Phoenix, AZ, Press, Sept 15th, 2017 – Jr handball is thriving in Phoenix, with a flourishing collegiate program at Arizona State Univ and a rapidly developing high school handball program. Head Handball Coach, Dan Willeford, leads the Sun Devils in weekly handball practices, as the squad prepares itself for the USHA’s Collegiate Nationals. Coach Willeford leads […]

Battle of the Border V

Junior WPH was thrilled to present the fifth edition of the Battle of the Border, pitting Team Fred Lewis Foundation (Abe Montijo) vs. Team JR WPH Juarez (Ricardo Fernandez) in one of the most competitive and friendliest junior sports rivalries in international junior sports [Author, David Fink]. Team FLF was seeking to regain the Battle […]

Stay in School Handball Event

Brooklyn, NY, WPH Press, 9/6/17- JR WPH was proud to be one of the sponsors of the Labor Day Weekend Castle Hill Handball Association’s 2nd Annual Stay in School Handball Tournament, featuring 110 jr handball players at Castle Hill Ave. Handball Courts in Brooklyn, NY. Each participant of the Stay in School Handball Tournament received a free backpack […]

JR WPH UWF Summer ’17

– UPDATES – Pensacola, FL, WPH Press, 8/31/17- JR WPH sponsored University of West Florida continues to flourish under the direction of UWF Handball Club founder and current UWF Outdoor Recreation Director Michael Morgan. 2016 JR WPH Collegiate Coach of the Year Mike Morgan led summer clinics for West Florida youth, as well as weekly clinics […]

JR WPH Harry Mellis Updates

Brooklyn, NY, WPH Press, 8/21/17- The Junior WPH sponsored Harry Mellis New York City JR handball program continues to flourish under the direction of Junior WPH superstar coach and player Danielle Daskalakis. Coach Daskalakis, one of the world’s premiere 1-Wall, 3-Wall, and 4-Wall Small Ball and Big Ball cross over stars leads an enthusiastic group of […]

Coach Peixoto Leads the Way

San Francisco, CA, WPH Press, 8/19/17- The 2nd Annual Handball JR Camp at the Olympic Club was a major success! At this 4 day intensive Jr camp, Olympic Club Handball Coach and WPH Master Instructor, Emmett Peixoto, coached 17 junior campers of all levels of play. The camp included a focused instruction on the sidearm, overhand, […]

JR WPH in the Southeast

Pensacola, FL, WPH Press, Aug 18- JR WPH Coach Joel Levy continues to enthusiastically grow the game in the Southeast, hosting handball clinics for dozens of jr’s in Gulf Breeze, FL, and Pensacola, FL, while recruiting softball, football, and basketball coaches at the University of West Florida in Pensacola to play and coach handball. In the […]

JR WPH in Fresno

Fresno, California, WPH Press, 8/8/17- JR WPH proudly hosted a instructional at Fresno’s Hotter Than Heck 3-Wall event on the first weekend in August, with WPH Outdoor pro and WPH Certified Coach Sal Duenas educating the youngsters on the importance of hydration, stretching and point-play strategy.  “A lot of athletes, both young and old, do not take the […]