Stay in School Tournament

Brooklyn, NY, WPH Press, 8/18 JR WPH was thrilled to be one of the sponsors of Castle Hill Handball’s 3rd Annual Stay in School Handball Tournament, featuring more than 70 jr handball players between the ages of 5-17 at Castle Hill Ave. Handball Courts in Brooklyn, NY. Each participant of the Stay in School Handball Tournament received a free backpack with school supplies filled with school year essentials. In addition to receiving backpacks and school supplies for participating, the top three finishers in each age group won laptops, bicycles, tablets, and more.

When not competing in boy’s and girl’s singles brackets at the Stay in School extravaganza, the youngsters had the opportunity to learn from the best in the game. New York City 1-Wall stars Tywan Cook, Hector Velez, Allan Sanchez, and Carlin Rosa coached clinics for the youngsters throughout the day, emphasizing footwork and the fundamentals to making solid contact with the ball. The pros set up cones in various spots on the court, with the youngsters running through the cones and serving after reaching the final cone. The older junior players also had the opportunity to rally with and play points against the top players.


“Stay in school, that’s the main goal,” stated tournament director Richie Vera, speaking to New York City’s News 12. “We’re all thrilled to have hosted a great event that is going to set up the kids to be successful for the upcoming school year.”

“This event is all about getting the kids excited and giving the kids skills to reach their potential in the classroom,” stated handball ambassador and high school teacher Michael Dembin.

“The Stay in School event was amazing,” stated 2017 WPH Volunteer of the Year and JR WPH NYC 1-Wall Championships tournament director Veronica Figueroa. “There is nothing like watching children play handball, and for a grandmother like myself, watching your grandchildren play the game you love so much. Thank you to Richie Vera for donating the bikes and school supplies and for hosting another great Stay in School event.”

“Richie Vera and Castle Hill hosted another awesome event for the kids,” stated WPH/Castle Hill Florida Cup champion Hector Velez. “I played a couple of the kids in singles and had a great time. I had a lot of fun watching these kids who look up to the top players and it was really cool that so many of the top players came out to support the event. Carlin Rosa, Tywan Cook, Chris Miranda, and myself also played an exhibition doubles match to show the pro level of competition.”

“Richie Vera and the Castle Hill Handball Association are doing incredible things for young people in Brooklyn and JR WPH is so proud to support Richie, the Castle Hill Handball Association, and all of the young people playing handball,” stated WPH Development Director David Fink. “Nothing could be better than inspiring the next generation of handball players in a positive and organized event, all while providing the youngsters back to school supplies to ensure that the kids are prepared to succeed in the upcoming school year. Thank you Richie, the Castle Hill Handball Association, and all of the volunteers that made the 2018 Stay in School event such a success!”

Photos courtesy of Michael Dembin, Veronica Figueora, Christina Marie Torres, and Nancy Western.  

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