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St. Louis, Missouri, January 15th, 2024, WPH Press-

22-time Race 4 Eight champion Killian Carroll and 6-time Race 4 Eight champion Martin Mulkerrins conducted a Q&A with a number of collegiate players at the 2024 Chapman Memorial, fielding questions that included how to practice by yourself, match strategy, conditioning, technique and how the top pros manage their emotions and anxiety in big moments.

“I like to start a match at about 70% because I do not want to start too tense,” Carroll answered one of the awestruck participants. “That way I can work my way into the match.”

When discussing practicing by himself, Carroll explained his process. “I have forty-eight different shots and I like to practice two per day, focusing on letting the ball hitting one or two fingers. To hit the left-to-left ceiling shot, I think about relaxing my core and tightening my lower back.”

Mulkerrins was asked how to play with the lead. “Maybe I should be a bit more aggressive when I get the lead,” Mulkerrins explained to the group of collegiate players. “When you get your chances you have to take them.”

Thank you to Killian Carroll and Martin Mulkerrins for taking the time to share their expertise with a very inspired group of collegiate players.

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David Fink

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Posted on: January 18, 2024, by : DV