’19 JR WPH NYC 1-Wall Update

Brooklyn, NY, WPH Press, 8/27/19- JR WPH with Lincoln Terrace Handball Assoc. and WPH handball ambassador Veronica Figueroa proudly hosted the 4th annual JR WPH NYC 1-Wall Singles Championships at St. John’s Park in Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday (Aug 25), featuring 90 junior players from the ages of 11 to 19. All of the participants were provided with free WPH t-shirts, lunch, prizes, and an incredible day of handball.

The youngsters demonstrated the best of what handball has to offer throughout the fourth edition of the JR WPH NYC 1-Wall Singles Championships, showcasing outstanding sportsmanship, tremendous handball skills, and a lifelong passion for the sport.

“Our goal is to inspire the next generation of community leaders through handball and events like today’s are a huge part of our mission and purpose at the World Players of Handball Foundation,” stated WPH Development Director David Fink. “We want the next generation to put down their phones and iPads and embrace the teamwork, fun, camaraderie, discipline, maturity and physically active lifestyle that handball offers.”

“I would like to thank all of the parents who came out to support their children,” stated tournament director Veronica Figueroa. “I would like to thank all of the parents who refereed and helped get the games going. Thank you to the parents who bought food. You guys are awesome!”

“Ms. V is truly a handball rock star and one of the game’s greatest ambassadors and leaders,” stated the WPH’s Fink. “I’m not sure anyone loves this sport as much as Ms. V. Veronica ran the Big Blue Ballers and LadyBallers with nearly 150 players on Saturday and turned around and ran the JR WPH NYC 1-Wall Singles Championships on Sunday. That’s amazing! Thank you to Ms. V for continuing to inspire the next generation of players and reminding all of us who love this sport what makes this game so special. Thank you Ms. V!”

Special thanks to tournament director Veronica Figueroa, Lincoln Terrace Handball Association Vice President Dana Everett, special guest referee and top 1-Wall star Kadeem Bush, Tina Johnson, George Figueroa, Ron Ruby, Jr., Henry Santana, Chef Christopher Zeigler, Brandon and Luis Martinez for the franks and hot dog lunch, and Gia Bella for buying the food.

2019 JR WPH NYC 1-Wall Singles Championships Champions and Finalists

Girls 19 and under

Champion: Shnae Cummings

Finalist: Nancy Casamiro

Girls 17 and under

Champion: Gabby Sullivan

Finalist: Jessica Lozada

Girls 15 and under

Champion: Jocelyn Rubero

Finalist: Veronica Figueroa

Girls 13 and under

Champion: Madison Torres

Finalist: Samara Ortiz

Boys 19 and under

Champion: Henry Santana

Finalist: Jack Vizhnay

Boys 17 and under

Champion: Nazir Marston

Finalist: Matthew Marcus

Boys 15 and under

Champion: Israel Beltran

Finalist: Bryan Almachi

Boys 13 and under

Champion: Daniel Lin

Finalist: Alexander Garcia

All pictures courtesy of Veronica Figueroa

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